Does everything that Instant Road Pro does:

  • Roads, pathways, Waterways  using either an outline or a center line for input.
  • Curbs, sidewalks, depressed road surfaces, or raised road surfaces.
  • Center medians and islands

Plus additional features:

  • More robust road surface triangulation
  • Make connecting roads using lines or faces
  • Choose from many preset styles or create custom user style library
  • Create road striping, arrows, and markings from preset style libraries or create your own styles
  • Edit roads and curbs to revise elevations and slopes and make cross slopes
  • Smooth road and curb surfaces
  • Follow terrain elevations, follow input line elevations or use call-outs for road elevations
  • Use fixed shoulder width or use variable shoulder based on desired cut or fill slopes
  • Supports multiple closed loops and “X”, “T” intersections
  • Supports Flat, Crown or “V” road profiles. (Crown or “V” limited to Road from Center Line method) 
  • Supports all SketchUp units: Metric, Feet/Inches, etc.
  • Simplify road outline curves.
  • Take off quantities for road surface, import/export, curb length.
  • Query model slopes and import/export data for road objects.
  • Road objects retain and adjust import/export data when edited
  • Apply aligned and projected materials
  • NEW in V3: Fill in narrow spaces of terrain between road outline edges using "Fix Collisions" tool
  • Menu options supported with both thumbnail and enlarged images.
  • Mac or Windows
  • An internet connection is required in order to execute this script

This extension is offered as a yearly subscription. An internet connection is required for its use.

Yearly Subscription: