Please see tutorials under Instant Site Grader for more information. Instant Site Grader Nui does everything the Instant Site Grader Pro does with added features as follows:

  • Mac or PC
  • Grade around component instance or group that intersects terrain
  • Tool for raising or lowering terrain edges
  • Tool for smoothing bumps in terrain edges
  • Vary grade width based on Cut/Fill slopes
  • Access methods from Instant Site Grader Nui Toolbar As a Sketchup Extension, it can be loaded or unloaded as needed.
  • Styles: Choose from preset or create custom user style library including custom style images
  • Apply projected materials on shoulder.
  • Supports all SketchUp units: Metric, Feet/Inches, etc..
  • Menu options supported with both thumbnail and enlarged images.
  • An internet connection is required in order to execute this script and it is offered a yearly subscription

This extension is offered as a yearly subscription. An internet connection is required for its use.

Yearly Subscription: