Some of my SketchUp models

Project for HKS / Hill Glazier Studio

Project for HKS / Hill Glazier Studio


Project for HKS / Hill Glazier Studio

good job!

very beautiful, very sophisticated! thanks so much!

Roof Script A MUST HAVE

I've been using Sketchup for a while, and when I saw your roof script I thought it was going to be way more complex than it is...but it is so simple. I just bought it a couple hours ago and I've gotten excited about Sketchup all over again. Thanks for making me feel that way - plus the great script.

I'd love something for windows and doors on the level you have done your roof script.


good design

I like it
it's good design,very very nice

Awesome work!

I believe pure detailed sketchup model outputs are even better than render work!


excelentes plugins
melhor só se fosse gratis

transportation engineering design visualization


Really love the site and the scripts...will be purchasing soon to supplement my new purchase of Sketchup at work.
I do visualization for transportation infrastructure. These scripts, especially the road builder, will come in so handy!!
I can't wait to show you some final drafts!

I will stay in touch!
Washington State

Bridge Builder?


Forgot to ask....any chance you can do something for building bridges?...just asking!



I like it
If there is like a Chinese version


Can I ask something

can you upload a simple sketcthup

it' really fantastic

it' really fantastic

muy buen trabajo que estilo

muy buen trabajo que estilo esta usando en la primera imagen a mi en lo personal me gusta tal y como se ven en sketchup felicidades

Thanks very much, I like your

Thanks very much, I like your site and the scripts, your design is so good and very nice.





Great hand skills and

Great hand skills and dexterity. Those sketches would probably gain a lot of praises from the public. Nice structuring, definitely well-made. Thumbs up for its presentability level :)

Instant Roof

Fantastic plugin!!! As a residential architect…roofs suck. Especially in auto cad with building angles. I'm too stubborn to learn Revit for residential and am looking to switch from boring 'ole cad to Sketchup full time. This script is indispensable. I downloaded it last night and pulled a complex model together in short order.

Thank you!

very beautiful, very

very beautiful, very sophisticated! thanks so much!